Some members arrive at Grand Avenue Club eager for paid employment in the community; yet others discover their capacity for work while running Grand Avenue Club.

With confidence that nearly every Grand Avenue Club member is capable of paid employment, Grand Avenue Club has developed a variety of types of employment, all suited to the needs of Grand Avenue Club members. In all instances we work only with quality employers. All paid work takes place at the employer’s place of business. Members are paid the prevailing wage rate for each job.

Group Placements (GP)

This type of employment is organized so that the work is shared by a group of members. At least one staff person is present at all times and productivity is judged for the group, not the individual. Group Placements may involve collating, cleaning, or organizing mailings. Grand Avenue Club always provides transportation to and from the workplace.

Transitional Employment (TE)

A TE job is time-limited, usually 6 to 9 months long. The salient feature of TE is that at least 2 Placement Managers are assigned to each job and, while there are no binding contracts, the jobs are created and sustained by the relationship between the employer and Grand Avenue Club. The employer agrees to have the job available to succeeding members without a competitive interview. Grand Avenue Club Placement Managers to provide all on-site training to succeeding members, stay in close contact with direct supervisors, offer support to members and, in the case of unavoidable absences, provide absentee coverage to the employer at no cost.

Supported Employment (SE)

An SE position is an employment opportunity that is not time-limited. No Placement Managers are involved and the position "belongs" to the member, not to Grand Avenue Club. However, depending upon the members' preference, Grand Avenue Club may help the member with developing and maintaining a good relationship with the employer and may even help with job site development and problem solving. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The Clubhouse does not provide absentee coverage.

Independent Employment (IE)

An IE position is usually the result of a competitive interview. It may be full or part-time. The Clubhouse may have assisted the member to secure the position by helping with mock interviews or resume preparation, or the member may have conducted a totally independent employment search or had another contact. Grand Avenue Club does not have a formal relationship with the employer or provide absentee coverage, but continues to provide support to the member. Independently employed members have access to all the supports of the Clubhouse.

Garfield Slaton

Jay, Erin, and Kevin make me feel like family. I like working at Uncanny Soup Company. They depend on me and I feel really needed.

All employed Grand Avenue Club members have access to:

Benefits Counseling
Peer Support
Work Support Groups
Work-Ordered Day
Evening, Weekends, and Holiday events