Grand Avenue Club believes that learning is important and encourages members--many of whom have had discouraging educational experiences-- to participate in courses and programs throughout the community. Members' motivation for studying varies, with some members having a specific vocational goal such as learning to be a chef, professional assistant, human service worker, day care assistant, phlebotomist, or welder, and others taking adult educational classes or auditing classes with titles like "American Popular Music" or "Vegetarian Cooking." Grand Avenue Club helps with exploring what is available in the community, acquiring scholarships and loans for those who have vocational goals, arranging for tutoring, and sponsoring a bi-weekly educational support group.

Members are studying for vocational certificates, associates' and bachelor's degrees at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Members who are interested in improving their basic skills (sometimes as a first step in earning a high school diploma) are studying at Literacy Services.

At well-attended Students With A Purpose (SWAP) meetings members find support and help for every aspect of going to school. Our end of semester and graduation parties are the best.

Glen Satterlund

With the help of Grand Avenue Club, the whole process of enrollment, filing for financial aid, registration seemed like a breeze. The Student's With A Purpose (SWAP) support group helps to keep morale up too.