To all our members:

We hope that you are faring well, given the extraordinary challenges of "staying at home."

We miss seeing you.

Since the city has not yet rescinded its "Stay at Home" order, we are not able to say "See you on Tuesday," meaning the day after Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 26. For now we will continue to stay in touch by phone, Facebook, Instagram, and all our Zoom programming.  

We are planning to begin to welcome members back to the work-ordered-day at GAC in phases. This is the absolutely necessary approach in order to protect everyone's health. We will get in touch again via phone calls, Facebook and e-mail on Monday, June 1 to keep you posted.

As difficult as it is to tell you this, we CANNOT welcome you back to the GAC work-ordered day yet.  

Be sure to contact us if you need anything or need to talk. We want to be there for you when you need us, GAC relationships, and the feeling of GAC community!  



Grand Avenue Club successfully helps people experiencing mental illness
achieve recovery through work, education, and community life.

Members & Staff work side-by-side to manage all the operations of Grand Avenue Club.

Membership is voluntary and available to all Milwaukee County adults with mental illness.

Open 365 days a year

 Serves 450 members annually

Learn more about our clubhouse and its mission and members by listening to podcasts from United Way and Milwaukee's Philanthropic Community!

The Impact of Mental Illness

85% of people with a serious mental illness are unemployed

The #1 health-related reason for lost productivity at work is mental health issues

The #2 reason for absenteeism is mental health issues

Untreated mental illness costs the US $105 Billion in lost productivity

For an average company of 500 employees, untreated depression alone costs $1.4 Million in lost work and lost productivity per year.


Sources:  American Journal of Psychiatry, Scientific American; Institution of Health and Productivity Management; Vancouver Board of Trade’s report and Harvard University Medical School research.

Grand Avenue Club’s Impact on Milwaukee County

Grand Avenue Club helps members re-enter the workforce and become healthier:

Members earned $1.4 Million in taxable earnings in 2017, exceeding our annual operating budget. Training with short-term employment oversight by Clubhouse staff leads members to gain competitive jobs and stay on them longer.

Grand Avenue Club’s services cost one-third the amount of similar community psychiatry interventions.

Reduces the need for inpatient psychiatric services

Clubhouse membership is sited as having an 80% reduction in total days hospitalized and 48% reduction in the number of hospitalizations

Cost to Medicare over one year:  our members = $5,697; non-member = $14,765

Membership has proven to reduce incarcerations and help those with a criminal record get a second chance

Evidence-based intervention

Community vs. Isolation; Support vs. Separation

What makes us unique:

The expectation that members can be productive and contribute to the community.

The assumption that our community needs and values our members.

The idea that when members work, go to school, vote, take an interest in social issues, and participate in cultural and recreational life, they take their rightful place in society.

Mental illness is common everywhere in the world, with one person in every fourth or fifth household struggling with the disabling symptoms of mental illness, loss of confidence, and isolation.

Grand Avenue Club (GAC) offers adults who experience mental illnesses an array of opportunities 365 days a year. Program participants are members of a community with a place to come, meaningful work, and meaningful relationships. GAC members work alongside a small but dedicated staff to run GAC and are involved in every aspect of work.