Amber's Last Promise


Opening Night: October 18th 4:30-6:30

Gallery Night And Day Hours:

October 20th 4:30-9:00

October 21st 10:00-4:00



Grand Avenue Club Gallery Grand

4th Floor

604 North Water Street



View All Aspects of Milwaukee at Grand Avenue Club’s Fall Art Show via  many artistic interpretations of our city’s architecture, culture, parks, streets,  people, stores, trees, etc.

A Milwaukee community

assisting adults with mental illness

achieve recovery and productivity

Established 1991

BizTimes Milwaukee as a recipient of a 2016 Health Care Hero Award in the Behavioral Health category.

Mental illness is common everywhere in the world, with one person in every fourth or fifth household struggling with the disabling symptoms of mental illness, loss of confidence, and isolation.

Grand Avenue Club (GAC) offers adults who experience mental illnesses an array of opportunities 365 days a year. Program participants are members of a community with a place to come, meaningful work, and meaningful relationships. GAC members work alongside a small but dedicated staff to run GAC and are involved in every aspect of work.

What makes us unique:

  • The expectation that members can be productive and contribute to the community.
  • The assumption that our community needs and values our members.
  • The idea that when members work, go to school, vote, take an interest in social issues, and participate in cultural and recreational life, they take their rightful place in society.